The Prize

The Ingemars Academic Teacher Prize awards academic teachers for impressive achievements in higher education and its progress at Linköping University. This is the University's and Sweden’s largest individual award for academic teachers.

The Prize is minimum 500 000 Swedish kronor, donated by The Ingemar Ingemarsson Higher Education Foundation.

Nomination procedure

Current or former teachers at Linköping University can be nominated for the Prize. The teacher has contributed to great achievements for the field of education and its development at the University.

We expect nominations from single students, current or former employees at Linköping University as well as from the University’s Alumni.

Students and Alumni who nominate are recommended to give examples showing how the nominated teacher:

  • is communicative, emphasizes dialogue and ensures the students´ understanding,
  • shows engagement, is available and emphasizes the involvement of the students,
  • masters her/his subject on such level that she/he can endorse the learning process of the students and adjust the education to different kinds of student groups.

Emplyees who nominate are recommended to give examples showing how the nominated teacher:

  • is a good colleague and supports new teachers in their pedagogical development,
  • fosters the education and the personal academic teaching based on analysis and reflections on pedagogical working methods,
  • is devoted to development and change with the aim to establish excellent conditions for students´ learning.

The Ingemar Ingemarsson Higher Education Foundation

Current nomination period

The nomination period of Ingemars Academic Teacher Prize 2024 is open from 25th of may until the 20th of november 2023.

Please regard that the nomination blank for the moment is only in Swedish.